Snow Ice and Sorbet

Here at Coconut Grove, not only do we serve up local refreshing delights (yes, the coconut jelly is made locally), but we do  have an array of desserts from all around the world as well! So if you are not a fan of the coconut, fear not! We also have other desserts available, such as the aforementioned items above.

Snow Ice– The famous Taiwan-based dessert can be found at the Coconut Grove. We currently have 5 flavoured ice available: honey dew, peach, milk, peanut and green tea. We top them up with a variety of different toppings as well as cubes and slices of fruits- depending on the type of snow ice you prefer.

Island Way Sorbet– We also serve the famous Island Way sorbet all the way from America. As Island Way Sorbet puts it: “Each individual sorbet has a smooth, luscious flavor that is both refreshing and calorie conscious! Nestled in natural fruit shells, these sorbets contain no preservatives or colorants, maintaining our (Island Way’s) commitment to a healthy lifestyle.” 

We here at Coconut Grove have several varieties of these tantalizingly refreshing sorbets just for you, nicely plated with wafers and accompanying fruits to make it a picture perfect dessert.