Pssst! A 101 guide for an enjoyable experience

1) Have it your way.


Coconut Jelly Aloe Vera, Cendol and Red Bean all come with Gula Melaka (Palm sugar) and coconut milk respectively. If you prefer not to have either one of them added to your coconut- let us know as you place your order!

2) Don’t discriminate!

Like us humans, coconuts come in various age and sizes. A rule of thumb to tell your coconuts apart: A big nut is slightly tough; a small nut is young enough. Take note that a bigger coconut would also yield more jelly- a fair compensation for the extra effort required to remove the flesh!

3) Cheaper by HALF the dozen!

Psst! Ask about our ‘Buy 6 Free 1’ promo where you can get seven coconut jellies for the price of six. Although these are nuts that are smaller in size or slightly more mature, you may, however, specify which type you prefer. Availability depends on each delivery of coconuts.

4) Make it a combo.

Currently, we offer 4 different combo sets to keep both you and your wallet happy:

A: Original Coconut Jelly+Kampung Nasi Lemak+Nyonya Kueh (RM 8.20)

B: Kampung Nasi Lemak+Nyonya Kueh+Premium Coffee (RM7.00)

C: Kampung Nasi Lemak+ Nyonya Kueh+ Tong Sui (RM 5.80)

D: Steamed Chocolate Cake+ Premium Coffee (RM 8.00)

5) Turned bad? Don’t fret!

The coconut jelly, without additives and preservatives, is susceptible to fermentation and other forms of decay that may cause it to go rancid before its due date (2-3 days after purchase). Although this is beyond our control, we do offer a refund policy whereby you may return to the shop to have your spoiled coconut replaced with a new one.

We appreciate your honesty and we hope that this will ensure that you, as a customer, get the satisfaction of enjoying the dessert you purchased.

Keep checking back for more tips to come!