Homemade Treats

Here at Coconut Grove, we have cooked up some desserts that we would proudly call our own.

Sweet treats in a bowl

Tong Sui

Directly translated as “Sweet Water”, this is a Cantonese homemade dessert that has been passed down from generations in a typical Chinese home. It is normally served at the end of a meal in Cantonese cuisine, but it’s sweet taste remains the same at any part of the day.

In the photos above, from top left to bottom right, we have  Tong Khua Longan, Red Bean, Mak Chuk, Shueet Yee Longan, which are just some the types of tong sui we serve here at Coconut Grove.

Our tong sui are all homemade, and just so you know- you don’t always need to have something cold as a dessert!

Oh so sinful.

Steamed Chocolate Cake

Calling all chocolate lovers! This is a delicious, homemade chocolate delight that is sure to placate the ravenous, cocoa-lusting monster in you. Complemented with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup, it won’t be long before you realized you’re soon approaching your final bite. A sinful chocolate haven on a plate; fall in love with the first bite.

Slurp up!

Coconut Grove Signature Shake

This is one of the proud concoctions of the Coconut Grove team! Starting with a Q-jelly base, this beverage builds up to an ice-blended, vanilla ice cream body and is finally topped off with pieces of coconut flesh and scoops of coconut jelly. Our Signature Shake is ideal for anyone looking to taste one of the delectable delights that make up the Coconut Grove menu.