Coconut Shakes

Coconut Grove’s Signature Shake

Starting with a Q-jelly base, this beverage builds up to an ice-blended, vanilla ice cream body and is finally topped off with pieces of coconut flesh and scoops of coconut jelly. Our Signature Shake is a usual order among customers and even has its own twists done by the customers as well!

Coconut Grove’s Shake in a Shell

This is a recent member into the Coconut Grove menu as of August 2012. A blend of coconut water, coconut flesh and vanilla ice cream makes up this delightful shake served to you in the coconut shell. Topped off with chocolate rice, there are additional toppings (Cendol, Nata de Coco, Red Bean, Vanilla Ice Cream, Aloe Vera & Q Jelly) which you can add on as well with extra charge. This shake is sure to get you wanting for more…and it’s likely you’ll change your mind about sharing it with someone after the first try!